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My Medicare Partners’ experts can help take care of all your Medicare needs and more! We offer dozens of the top-rated Medicare Supplement plans across the nation. We also offer our clients solutions for their vision, dental, hearing, and Life Insurance with Living Benefits needs!

We’re always here as a resource for you, for life. Contact us today to speak one-on-one with a licensed Medicare Agent who will help find a plan that offers the benefits you need with the flexibility you deserve!

Blog Posts

Check here for all things Medicare and more! Tips on how to save with Medicare, answers to your questions, and updates on changes to Medicare can be found here. Be sure to share our blog posts with friends and family!

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Medicare Help Desk & Useful Links

Find contact information for Medicare, Social Security, and more! You can also check out common mailings and resources from Medicare and other organizations serving the Baby Boomer population.



Many insurance agents try to impress you by using million-dollar insurance words, but that normally just results in confusion and frustration! My Medicare Partners does our best to avoid confusing, technical insurance jargon – but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Click here to view a list of terminology we think you should know.

Important Dates to Know

All health insurance plans – whether it be an employer plan or a private plan or Medicare – have certain specified dates during which you can sign up for plans, make changes to plans, or leave plans. These dates are known as “enrollment periods”.

Outside of these enrollment periods, you must qualify for a Special Enrollment Period in order to make changes to your plan. Contact us to see if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period and take advantage of enrolling in a new plan!

What Makes Us Unique

You have options of where to find answers to your Medicare questions. Find out what makes My Medicare Partners unique.

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