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Final Expense Insurance with Living Benefits

Life can be unpredictable, emotional, and tough. Planning ahead for these difficult times can help ease some of the burden and pain we experience when we lose a loved one.

For families relying on a single or limited income, the loss of a loved one can be painful both emotionally and financially.

Giving your family the gift of financial security is a unique, special gift that cannot be matched. Life Insurance with Living Benefits can help provide peace of mind and security to all involved.

Funeral costs are on the rise while Social Security and retirement benefits stagnate. Consumer reports indicate that the average funeral costs at least $10,000! That doesn’t include paying off any outstanding debts and making sure surviving loved ones can live financially comfortably.  Taking care of the costs of your final expenses now can pay off in the end.

did-you-know-imageDid You Know: debts you leave behind can hurt your loved ones? Before assets can be passed on, any outstanding debts must be paid. Life insurance can help ease the burden and provides loved ones with tax-free income.

The Final Expense Life Insurance offered by our Agents goes above and beyond the typical plan: it also provides you with “Living Benefits.”

Living Benefits allow policyholders to use up to 95% of their death benefit while they are still living! Should a terminal or critical illness strike, Living Benefits can be exercised tax-free to replace lost income or to provide extra peace of mind during a tough time.

When a person passes away, their legacy doesn’t have to end there. 67% of grandparents report that preserving their family ties and traditions are very important to them. Providing loved ones with financial peace of mind is a great way to ensure a loss to the family isn’t catastrophic.

did-you-know-imageDid You Know: Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for American men and women? Each year, over 780,000 Americans have a heart attack; about half of them will have another one in their lifetime. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other health conditions can increase your risk.

Optional additions to the product include

  • Accidental death rider (included for applicants under age 65): pays beneficiaries an additional 100% of the death benefit
  • Living Benefits (included): allows insured to take up to 95% of their policy’s death benefit early, while still alive, tax-free
  • Birthday gift rider: provides annual birthday cards and monetary gifts to up to five surviving family members
  • Education rider: provides four annual payments to beneficiaries to help supplement college expenses or military enlistment
  • Lifetime income rider: ensures beneficiaries have a monthly income stream

Final expense plans are affordable: the benefit amount is fixed and rates are guaranteed for the life of the policy. Very few health questions are asked and plans are typically approved within days. Plus, there are no waiting periods to exercise the benefits! Plan ahead for your family’s toughest times. They will thank you for it.

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