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Dental, Vision, and Hearing

Seniors have teeth, eyes, and ears — yet Medicare doesn’t cover dental, vision, or hearing care!

Unfortunately, both Original Medicare and MediGap beneficiaries do not receive dental, vision, and hearing coverage through their Medicare plan. Also, while some purport to do so, Medicare Advantage plans cover very little benefit for dental, vision, and hearing (DVH) care.


did-you-know-imageDid You Know: Nearly half of Americans have no dental coverage? People cite “lack of insurance” as the main reason they don’t visit the dentist regularly. Regular dental screenings can help prevent tooth loss and decrease your risk of heart attacks and stroke.


It’s critical that Medicare beneficiaries get DVH insurance to ensure their out of pocket costs are controlled.

My Medicare Partners is happy to offer our Members one comprehensive insurance plan that covers dental care and cleanings, eyewear and eye care, and hearing screenings and hearing aids. All of these benefits are covered at one low cost!


did-you-know-imageDid You Know: While 62% of US adults wear glasses, fewer than half of them receive vision screenings annually? Eye exams not only help you see better – they also help detect glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.


Unlike many “discount” plans that only offer you a small savings, our DVH insurance plans ensure you have the benefits to keep healthy eyes, ears, and teeth.


Best of all: Our dental, vision, and health insurance plan has no network. See any doctor you’d like!

Plus, the benefits increase each year you’re on the plan! There are no health questions to answer and the plan is guaranteed to be renewed every year.

MediGap plans, also known as Medicare Supplements, provide great health care coverage – but they still leave you exposed to unforeseen oral and vision costs. Protect yourself by planning ahead with a DVH plan!

Having a robust DVH plan isn’t just about having pearly whites or accentuating your eyes: Glaucoma, easily detected through a routine eye exam, is the leading cause of blindness. Oral care is linked to heart disease. Hearing loss can be detrimental to a senior’s quality of life and independence.

Taking care of your mouth, eyes, and ears is part of holistic health care!


did-you-know-imageDid You Know: Men are more likely to experience hearing loss than women. Fewer than ⅓ of seniors who could benefit from hearing aids have ever used them. High costs are one of the reasons why many seniors don’t have access.


Think of how much richer your life is when you can see its beauty, smile at friends, and participate in conversations with loved ones.

Enroll in a DVH plan today!

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