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Medicare Supplement applications go through medical underwriting, meaning that a person can be denied based on their preexisting health conditions. That is why it is recommended to apply for a Medicare Supplement when you are first eligible for Original Medicare. This time period is known as the Guaranteed Acceptance Period, and during this time, you cannot be denied a plan based on your health. The Guaranteed Acceptance period begins six months before your 65th birthday, includes the month of your 65th birthday, and ends six months after your 65th birthday.

You may also qualify for a Guaranteed Acceptance Period if:

  • You enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan when you first became Medicare-eligible, left the MA plan within its first year, and have Original Medicare
  • Your MA plan is no longer being offered
  • You move out of you MA plan’s service area
  • Your employer group plan or union benefits end
  • You lose your coverage through no fault of your own (ex. Insurance company goes bankrupt) or were provided inaccurate information by your insurance company

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If you miss you Guaranteed Acceptance Period, you may still apply for a Medicare Supplement plan! Some plans will simply exclude certain preexisting conditions from coverage, while other plans will approve you regardless of health history. Since these rules vary greatly from plan to plan, it is recommended to discuss with your Medicare Agent any health concerns you have before applying for a Medicare Supplement plan.

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