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Choosing Your Plan

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Finding the right Medicare Supplement is easy if you have the right tools at your disposal. Luckily for you, My Medicare Partners’ Agents have the experience and drive to help you find the best plan for you, using the latest technology to ensue you have robust Medicare coverage.

Medicare Agents are not one-size-fits-all and it’s important to find an Agent who has your needs in mind, front and center. 

You can read more here about how to find an Agent who will work for you. But it’s also important to understand why an Agent may recommend one plan over another. Since MediGap plans are standardized, it might seems like they are one-size-fits all. You may immediately jump to the plan with the lowest premium — but the lowest premium does not always mean it’s the plan with the lowest expenses. There are other factors that attribute to your out of pocket costs to factor. Our Licensed Medicare Agents


Does the Medicare Supplement plan you’re considering have a competitive premium price? It’s important to get quotes from several insurance companies. Remember, although plan benefits are standardized, insurance companies may charge different premiums based on a variety of factors — but the plan benefits remain the same. Be sure to work with an Agent who represents several carriers, not just one.

Also, be sure to ask about Household Discounts to see if you and your loved ones can an additional 5% – 12% on your plan!

Trends in Rate Changes

Some insurance carriers tend to increase – or decrease – premiums more than others. While some rate changes can be caused by inflation and are expected, My Medicare Partners monitors each insurance carrier’s rate changes closely. If your plan experiences a significant rate increase, you MMP Agent will investigate other plans and insurance companies to find you ways to save money. Keep in mind that because Plans are standardized, changing from a Plan G with Company X to a Plan G with Company Y still allows you to enjoy the same exact plan benefits. The only difference is the premium!

Our Agents also monitor insurance carriers’ trends over the past few years so we can forecast changes before they happen. For example, some carriers offer “teaser rates” — rates that are competitively low the first year of enrollment, only to later disproportionately hike up the price in later years. We’ll also compare rate trends to other carriers. Part of our ongoing Concierge Member Service is to alert you of any changes in your premium, so you can always be confident.

Financial Ratings

Insurance companies’ financial stability are monitored and compiled by A.M. Best and Weiss Ratings. These ratings provide us with a report, or grade, of the financial health and future stability of insurance companies. My Medicare Partners monitors these ratings and works with the top-rated carriers.

My Medicare Partners researches dozens of top-rated carriers to ensure you not only get the lowest cost today but also tomorrow and beyond. Premium isn’t the only piece of the puzzle! You’ll want a plan with stability from a company you can trust.

Supplements chosen by millions

Remember we are here to help and will be with you every step of the way. We encourage you to take the first step right now: pick up the phone and give us a call at 1-844-305-6169.

We’ll start our conversation by getting your basic information, then we’ll review your current health care coverage and needs. We’ll educate you with easy to understand terms before explaining our Medicare recommendations. Then, your personal Medicare Agent will complete the paperwork to enroll in your plan. Voila – you’re on your way to be covered by an excellent plan, just by picking up the phone! Don’t subject yourself to frustration and confusion. Give us a call today!

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