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Why Should I Choose A Medicare Supplement Plan?

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Medicare Supplement plans fill in the gaps in Original Medicare’s coverage – hence why they are nicknamed MediGap plans! When paired with a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Medicare Supplements provide you the ultimate coverage you need to remain healthy and independent.

Medicare Supplement plans cover the gaps left by Original Medicare (Part A and Part B only), while providing you the lowest out of pocket costs while visiting a Doctor. Unlike Medicare Advantage (also known as Part C) plans, Medicare Supplement plans allow you to visit any Medicare doctor in the nation and eliminate the requirement for referrals to visit Specialists. Medicare Supplement plans provide coverage nationwide, and some even cover you while traveling outside of the US!


Part A and Part B of Original Medicare have high deductibles which must be met (paid) by the insured when receiving care from a doctor or visiting a hospital. Medicare Supplement plans greatly lower the deductibles – and some even eliminate them altogether!

Hospital stays can be very costly under Original Medicare, but Medicare Supplements cover coinsurance under Part A hospitalization. They also offer many preventive services at no cost!

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