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Many people are concerned that Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) does not cover them for all healthcare costs. One could be on the hook for 20% – or more – of your Part B (hospitalization) health care expenses if you only have Original Medicare. And that’s 20% of the total, whether the total bill be $10,000 or $100,000 or worse! Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) do not have a Maximum Out of Pocket, and bills can quickly add up.

Medicare Supplement plans (also called MediGap) are administered by private insurance companies and can cover the gaps in Original Medicare’s coverage. Knowing that high co-pays and deductibles will be covered gives many seniors the peace of mind knowing you will not be hit with unexpected out of pocket costs when you are on a fixed budget. Don’t leave yourself exposed to financial risk! Over 11 millions Seniors like you have chosen Medicare Supplement plans to control out of pocket healthcare costs.

Original Medicare Expenses

They are standardized by the Federal Government, meaning a Plan F with Company X offers the same deductible as a Plan F with Company Y. While coverage is the same, Plan premiums may vary among insurance carriers. Plans may also experience different price increases or even decreases. Allow us to explain Medicare Supplements in basic terminology while helping you to find the plan that fits your needs. We’ll search the top-rated plans, check their rate change history, and the insurance company’s financial rating to ensure you enroll in a strong plan. Give us a call today.

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