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The Grandmothers’ Network

The Grandmothers’ Network

You know what makes me more than a little crazy? (Like I really need something outside myself to pitch me into the crazy zone!) The way Grandparents are visually portrayed. Case in point: I refer you to the image below. I spend time searching for and designing...

Golden Years — Minus the Gold

Golden Years — Minus the Gold

“More than half of American Baby Boomers plan to work past 65 — or not retire at all.” – TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies That’s a strong statement. What is your reaction? I’m of two minds: On one hand, I don’t aspire to the...

Dining vs. Eating: The Price of Restaurant Real Estate

Dining vs. Eating: The Price of Restaurant Real Estate

Like many of us, my husband and I love going out to eat. We were dining out at one of our favorites recently, Hillstone Restaurant in Winter Park, Florida. The restaurant is situated on the banks of Lake Killarney and promises stunning sunsets enjoyed with a glass of...


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    November 06, 2018
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    October 22, 2018
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    October 05, 2018
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    September 19, 2018
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    September 05, 2018

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