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What’s Next, Boomer? Take our KQuiz and Find Out!

My husband and I are thirty-year market researchers.  We have designed surveys for people, politics, and products.  We have developed the KQuiz to help people gain insight into their values, personality traits, and motivations as they stand at the juncture of retirement or semi-retirement.

The KQuiz is designed with the 60+ age demographic in mind.

Most of us have taken at least one personality test in our lives. The question is, “Do the profiles we were given hold up as we age into our 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond?”

The results of our KQuiz will provide you with a road map for your future. Find out where your partner is on these dimensions and determine where you intersect and differ.

The KQuiz is based upon archetypes. Carl Jung identified archetypes symbolizing basic human motivations. Each type has its own set of values, meanings, and personality traits. Most people have more than one archetype at play in their personalities.

Generally, however, one archetype tends to dominate.  It can be helpful to know which archetypes are at play in yourself and your loved ones in order to gain personal insight into behaviors and motivations.

So click here to take our KQuiz and find out….
Are you a Sage, the visionary?
Are you the Dreamer who strives for authenticity?
Are you the Rebel, the spontaneous non-conformist?
Are you the Caretaker, the conscientious one?

Then, share your results in the comments below!



Liz Kitchens is a writer and blogger.  Her blog, Be Brave. Lose the Beige, reaches out to Lady Boomers, women of the Baby Boomer generation. Liz also blogs for Growing Bolder and Vibrant Nation, two sites devoted to aging issues. Liz conducts workshops on the health benefits of creativity and is an ambassador for the Creative Caregiving Initiative sponsored by the NCCA, The National Center for Creative Aging. Liz founded the Jeremiah Project, an after school and summer creative arts program designed to foster self esteem and encourage creative thinking among at risk middle school aged students.

Check out Liz’s blog, Be Brave. Lose The Beige, and follow her on Facebook.

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