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Beauty and the Beach

At least ten years ago, I created this clay sculpture which I entitled, “Beauty and the Beach.”

clay beach scene


As a Florida native, I’ve had the luxury of escaping to the beach on short notice. The oceans on either side of me are virtually only a movie’s length distance away from my doorstep. There are pictures of me at four years old, plopped contentedly amid mounds of white confectionery sugar-like sand.

And, unfortunately there are also pictures of me at 64 virtually doing the same thing.  🙂

I was thinking about this as I lazed away in a low beach chair beneath a Tommy Bahama umbrella recently. (The umbrella was rarely, if ever, present in my four year old beach days — when sunscreen and shade weren’t deemed essential by scientists or Moms alike)

Even though I’m older and heavier, the beach still offers a place of acceptance and equality regardless of size, age, income level, color, or even species.

polymer clay turtle


I write a lot about the plight of Lady Boomers (women of the baby boomer generation). Women of this generation have and continue to wear a lot of hats and are simultaneously professionals, moms, daughters, grandmothers, volunteers and board members alike.

Multi-tasking all of these roles can lead to “multi-taxing” our spirits.

So my Rx for quieting our chatter-brains and addressing all this multi-tasking is a retreat to the beach (or whatever destination affords you a place for meditation and contemplation).

clay hats


Imagine you are driving across the bridge to the beach. Feel and smell the humid, salty air as you allow the ocean breeze to penetrate the schedules, to-do lists, and deadlines that live inside your overworked brain. During your time in the sun, envision yourself…..

*reading a novel (non-fiction not allowed)

*frolicking in the water, delighting as you dive into the foamy washing machine-like waves, just like you did when you were a kid

*scouting for seashells and sand dollars

*walking along the water’s edge at low tide


Escaping your to-do list should be on your to-do list this weekend.

Now, why don’t you go from imagining this scene to acting on it? What would you ideal day off look like?

Tell us in the comments section! 

liz-kitchensLiz Kitchens is a writer and blogger.  Her blog, Be Brave. Lose the Beige, reaches out to Lady Boomers, women of the Baby Boomer generation. Liz also blogs for Growing Bolder and Vibrant Nation, two sites devoted to aging issues. Liz conducts workshops on the health benefits of creativity and is an ambassador for the Creative Caregiving Initiative sponsored by the NCCA, The National Center for Creative Aging. Liz founded the Jeremiah Project, an after school and summer creative arts program designed to foster self esteem and encourage creative thinking among at risk middle school aged students.

Check out Liz’s blog, Be Brave. Lose The Beige, and follow her on Facebook.

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