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Baby Boomer Health 101 with Dr. T

Get the latest tips and tricks from Primary Care Physician from Washington DC, Dr. Kelly Thibert. Learn how to take advantage of your Medicare plan to keep costs low!


As we age, it’s important we follow doctors’ orders and get our recommended health screenings. Nine out of ten older adults is living with at least one chronic disease, and nearly 80% of them have two or more ongoing illnesses!

My Medicare Partners sought the advice* of a general practice provider, Dr. Kelly Thibert, DO, MPH, to find out which ailments Baby Boomers should be on the looking out for.

Prevention is key and thankfully, Medicare Supplement plans cover many screenings at no out of pocket cost to you!

Check out this interview with Dr. Thibert as we ask about some of the most common ailments we face as we age, as well as ways to access care through Medicare.



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*Information provided should not replace medical advice, treatments, diagnosis, or information from your physician. Always seek the advice of your personal physician or healthcare providers with any questions you have about your medical conditions or concerns. If you need assistance locating a Medicare physician, contact your My Medicare Partners Agent.

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