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Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day Ideas for Seniors

February 14th marks a very special day in the 365 days out of the year. Yeah, that’s right – beloved Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day has a long history of celebrating love and romance, and to this day, people all around the world have kept up with those standards.

However, there is a large percentage of people who have given up on this special day. With the misconception of Valentine’s Day being a holiday for the younger generations, some seniors and Baby Boomers have completely forgotten what this holiday truly represents in its roots.

Do you remember your first kiss? How about the first time you fell in love? Your first date that meant the world to you?

These memories are not subject to any specific age bracket. These memories and feelings live on forever.

Whether your loved one is sitting next to you or has passed away, there are no limitations to how you show love.


Misconceptions of Valentine’s Day

It’s a cliché saying, but it’s true: Age is just a number.

Everyone needs love to live a peaceful life. Whether you are 9 or 99 years old, your mind finds balance when love and compassion are in the equation.

I completely understand that some of us no longer have our loved ones by our side, but memories and feelings of love are still there. Why not honor those memories and feelings one day out of the year?

There are plenty of different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some are simple, some are not. I guarantee one of these suggestions will spark some interest!

Let’s dive in.


Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Any Age

Surround Yourself with a Festive Environment

Wherever you are, surrounding yourself with a festive environment is a healthy thing to do.

Valentine’s Day is a very simple holiday to decorate for.

Here is a list of things you can do to show your Valentine’s Day spirit!

  • Paper Hearts: Paper hearts are a cheap and convenient way to show your Valentine’s Day spirit. All you need is red, white, or pink construction paper, scotch tape, and yarn. Cut them into hearts and hang them up!
  • Heart Shaped Table Decorations: This is a creative way to celebrate this special day. Everyone eats, why not decorate the table? All you need is a few red, white, or pink table napkins. For the simple steps, check out this link: http://www.abigslice.com/heartnapkin.html
  • Valentine’s Day Wreaths: Valentine’s Day wreaths can be created at a very low cost. Plus, there are many different ways to make them. For more information on DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths, check this out! http://www.worthingcourtblog.com/diy-valentines-wreath/

Surround Yourself with Family and Friends

Surrounding yourself with family and friends is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are so many things you can do to make this a memorable day.

  • Family Dinner: There is nothing better than a warm, home-cooked meal. If family and friends are also there, it’s even better. Check out this link to get some meal ideas: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/199/holidays-and-events/valentines-day/
  • Card Exchange with Family & Friends: This is a great way to connect with your family and friends at the same time. You can use store-bought cards, or create them yourselves. Get creative with it! When the cards are completed, exchange them between family and friends!

Romantic Movie Day or Night

This is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day or night. With a plethora of classical and modern romantic movies, there is bound to be one that suits your needs!

Here is a list of movies I recommend:

Classical Movies
          1. Gone with the Wind
          2. An Affair to Remember
          3. The Parent Trap (Original)
          4. My Fair Lady
          5. Made for Each Other
          6. Doctor Zhivago

Modern Movies

  1. 50 First Dates
  2. Titanic
  3. The Notebook
  4. A Walk to Remember
  5. 500 Days of Summer
  6. Romeo & Juliet (1996)
  7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Valentine’s Day is incredibly important for your mind, body, and soul. It would be a shame to let this special day pass because of lack of spirit. Whether you’re spending this holiday alone, or with a large group of people, there is something you can do to celebrate.I hope this article has helped you brainstorm some ideas as to how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Have a nice day, and an even better Valentine’s Day!

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