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Helpful Mobile Apps for Seniors

Technology is growing at an unstoppable rate. Every year, new technological releases seem to sweep the nation and blow the minds of people everywhere. When you think about it, this is a good thing. However, there are a few people that are out of the loop when it comes to advances in technology. Many these people are senior citizens.

Some seniors are lagging when it comes to the subject of technology and the social standards that comes with it. There can be several reasons and explanations of why they are falling behind. However, despite all these reasons, there needs to be a solution to this ongoing problem.

In this newly established digital age, it is important for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to technology, including seniors. The main reason is not for just for personal reasons and sociable aspects, but also for protection and security.

Most seniors who are not educated about technology are likely to fall victim an online scams while browsing online or checking their email. Due to this possible outcome, it is vital to help seniors and better their lives through technology.

To help seniors become more knowledgeable on safe technological usage, it is important for them to understand the dangers they can face if they were to remain educated on the subject.

Technological Inexperience can Lead to Using Apps that Steal your Personal Information


“Popular apps on your smartphone can be convenient and fun, but some also carry malicious software known as malware, which gives hackers easy access to your personal information.” -CBS News

Malicious software has become a serious issue over the past few years. With malware, hackers can obtain you and your family’s personal information and use it to their advantage. For example, a hacker can use the information obtained from malware and abuse it by opening new credit card accounts, leak private information to the public, and put your family in danger. Security can be breached online through your computer, or even through apps (shorthand for applications) on your cell phone or tablet.

These troubling events can likely be caused by a minor mistake of not knowing where you should and should not go while browsing on your smartphone or tablet. These are one of the many struggles that seniors face on a daily basis when trying to use technology that they are inexperienced with. According to a report on CNN, more than 47% of U.S. adults had their personal information exposed by hackers in 2014.”

It is very easy for seniors become one of those statistics if they are not aware of the risks involved and being educated on preventing their personal information from being stolen.  

The first step to prevention is being resourceful. People should be advised that if any site that seems suspicious in any way, they can utilize any search engine to learn more about the site and its true intentions. While this is a logical solution for anyone who is familiar with technology, it can be easily overlooked by people who is technologically inexperienced or doesn’t know that it exists, like most seniors.  

Pro Tip: When browsing websites on your computer, double check the website address (also known as the URL) to make sure you’re not on a copycat, malicious site.

Why are Scams More Common with Seniors? (The Trust factor)

apps-for-seniors-2As reported by the Huffington Post,Adults older than 60 lost at least $2.9 billion in 2010 due to financial exploitation – ranging from home repair scams to complex financial swindles – up 12 percent from 2008”

This study shows that senior citizens have not developed the intuition to sense this type of danger. Which, means that they lack the cues of an untrustworthy person. What they can learn from this is simple: the only way to prevent this kind of event from happening is to bring awareness onto themselves.

While it might be hard for elderly citizens to accept the fact that times have changed and most of their traditions do not apply to this younger generation, there still is hope.

Even though there are people online that have sinister intentions, most the internet consists of people who want to provide value to their audiences. For example, there are several cool apps that provide the utmost value to seniors.

Positive and Helpful Apps for Seniors to Use

apps-for-seniors-1Despite there being a number of malicious apps out there, nearly all of the apps available to seniors reflect and focus on the positive aspects of technology!

While some apps may not be free (and may cost from $0.99-$3.00 per app), a lot of them are easily available to seniors and can be used to better their lives.

Apps that can Help with Seniors’ Healthcare

  1. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker: This app helps seniors keep track of their systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight.
  1. Pillboxie: This app can help seniors by reminding them on when to take their medications.
  1. EyeReader: With this app, seniors can magnify text , requiring them to no longer squint while reading. Additionally, it uses any device’s camera light to help illuminate the text.

Apps that can Help with Seniors’ Finances

  1. LowRX: Since many of senior’s medications are costly, this app helps them find their medication at a lower cost, saving them hundreds overall.
  1. Prosper Daily: This app enables seniors to view all their financial accounts in one place.

Apps that can Entertain and Educate Seniors

  1. Bejeweled: An addictive puzzle game that requires strategic thinking.
  1. Scrabble: This game focuses on vocabulary and requires critical thinking throughout every match.
  1. Solitaire: This classic card game has been remastered and is available for download on most mobile devices!

While these are a good number of apps, there are many more out there that help seniors in their daily lives.

Pro Tip: If you’ve got teenage grand kids, I’m sure you see them glued to their cell phones. Ask your grand kids what their favorite apps and games are so you can play together! Some competitive games even allow you to play against others remotely.

If seniors can stay away from online dangers, learn not to fall victim to malicious scams, and learn the benefits of staying-up-to-date with technology, they should be able to keep up with younger generations and their technological knowledge and experience.  While change is sometimes hard, oftentimes it leads to improvements in our lives. Thanks to the millions of apps available today, your life can be made easier by downloading a few safe, useful apps!

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