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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Seniors

Did you know? Gift giving has a vast history that dates back thousands of years. We’ve been giving gifts for centuries and for good reason! Some give gifts to express their love for a specific individual, some give gifts to show appreciation and some give gifts because it makes them feel good!

Why Is Gift Giving So Important?

Gift giving is important for many reasons! One of the most important reasons is because it allows us to connect with those we love most on a different level. Some channel their emotions and feelings through gifts with the intentions of affecting the receiver of the gifts in the same way! Sometimes, gifts create lasting memories or even begin new family traditions.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

Why do we give gifts?

Peace of Mind: As strange as it sounds, gift giving gives you peace of mind. On a subconscious (and conscious) level, gift giving creates a sense of satisfaction in yourself. A peaceful mind is a healthy mind!

Appreciation (gift giver and receiver): When you gift give, appreciate is inevitable. Throughout the busyness of day, it can be hard to really feel appreciated. This is a very important aspect of life that aids in a healthy mind. Gift giving is an all-around appreciator. You are giving a gift to someone because you appreciate them and they are receiving a gift which allows them to appreciate you!

Confidence: Confidence is another important characteristic of gift giving. As stated above, when you gift give, you are expressing your emotions and thoughts in physical form. This boosts your confidence for the simple fact that you are communicating feelings and emotions that you might not have been able to put into words.5

Gifts for Seniors

If you’re buying for that special senior in your life, whether a spouse or a loved one, we have a list of quick gifts to get you started.

Independence and Safety Gifts for Seniors

Medication Organizers: With all the medications elderly people must take, things can become extremely confusing in a small amount of time. With a medication organizer, this eliminates the problem. They can do it by themselves as well! Amazon has a large supply of medication organizer, and if you have Prime they’ll ship it for free before the holidays.

Bathroom Grippings: Going to the restroom, taking showers, and washing hands can be a daunting task for seniors. With this gift, you can ensure their safety in the bathroom whilst allowing them to be independent.

Automotive Standing Aide & Car Canes: Getting out of the car can be tricky for someone who has recently been injured or has had surgery. Automotive standing aides or car canes can be purchased online and shipped quick easily.

Medical Alert & Fall Detection System: There are several medical alert systems on the market that help seniors notify authorities if they fall or are injured and cannot get up. Look into one of these potentially life saving devices for a senior in your life.

Fitbit: These devices help seniors count their steps and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With quick and easy to use instructions, they’ll be set up in no time! Pick one up at BestBuy or online for quick delivery before the holidays.

Leisure Activities and Gifts for Seniors

Customized/DIY Crossword: This is a very creative and special type of gift. Using crossword letters to spell out family names, or specific words that relate to memories for family members is an excellent way to ensure their memory stays up-to-date!

Custom Calendar or Engraved Gifts: This is another sentimental gift that would put a big smile on their faces. Assign a family member to a month of the year and have it printed on the calendar. There are a few companies online still shipping before Christmas, but hurry before time runs out!  

Entertainment Gifts for Seniors

Listening Devices: Television and movies are common activities seniors enjoy partaking in.  Unfortunately, some elderly people’s hearing has started to go which makes it hard for them to enjoy themselves. The solution (and a good gift) is a listening device!

Reading Devices: Elderly people absolutely love to read. However, sometimes the eyes fall victim to old age. A reading tool that reads the books to them would be a great gift to give!

Roku or Apple TV: Smart devices are taking over our homes and making life so much easier. Give the gift of convenience this holiday season with a Roku or Apple TV which will connect your favorite senior with all their favorite tv shows!

Google Home or Amazon Echo: These assisted devices can be helpful, especially for seniors. Voice activated, Google Home and Amazon Echo provide convenience inside your home to help. Ask what the weather is like, set reminders or timers for yourself, and so much more!

These are just a few quick last minute gift ideas to give this holiday season. Have a suggestion? Tell us in the comments below!


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