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At My Medicare Partners, we know that securing quality healthcare at an affordable price is a huge concern for Seniors and Baby Boomers. We also understand that the process involved can be very confusing, sometimes conflicting, often a little scary, and in many cases somewhat daunting.

We’re here to make the entire process easier – and not just at the time of enrollment!

We assist Seniors and Baby Boomers in most every state with every possible medical need and varying financial budgets. We are here to layout all your options, speak in language that is easy to understand, answer all the tough questions…. and then allow you to make an informed, stress free decision. We help you replace fear with facts. We put you first… Always.

Competitive Rates

Of course, our immediate goal is to offer you the most affordable Medicare plan that meets your medical needs now and in the future. One of our friendly, knowledgeable licensed Medicare Agents will use our quotes engine to identify the most competitive rates from the 25 top carriers in your immediate location. We not only consider the carriers with the lowest rate today but also the the ones with the lowest annual rate increases and highest financial ratings to avoid surprises in the future.You cannot get that from a quick online price quote or call to the carrier!

But that’s just the beginning…

As a My Medicare Partners policyholder you are automatically a Member of our family. Let’s take a look at the benefits our valued Members enjoy. As a Member of My Medicare Partners, you’ll receive year-round Concierge Member Service from our member care team:

Premium Price Checkup

If your rates increase in the future, we will be there to let you know of new savings options to meet your current needs. If an insurance carrier changes your plan, we will go back to the drawing board and reassess your health needs, so your plan is always tailored to best serve you.

Annual Rx Checkup

We will perform our Annual Rx Checkup to ensure that as your medication needs change, and plan benefits change, your Part D prescription plan continues to save you as much money as possible. We’ll scour the 800+ available plans so you don’t have to! Plus, we’ll help you avoid the Donut Hole by providing you with a complimentary drug discount card. We’ll even research assistance programs for your drugs that aren’t covered.
Most other insurance agencies won’t bother to check your Part D prescription drug plan, due to low sales commissions. But at My Medicare Partners, we know that drug costs can have a huge impact on your budget and therefore we will never refuse to check your medication coverage for you!

Rx Checkup Free

Your own personal, licensed Medicare Plan Specialist

You’ll have a first-name-basis relationship with your licensed Medicare Agent. No more wasting time waiting on hold getting frustrated or being passed around to a new agent each time you call. My Medicare Partners assigns you a personal insurance Agent who specializes in Medicare and will be there every step of the way for you, explaining everything in easy to understand terms.
You’ll receive your Agent’s direct phone number and email address so they’re always easy to reach. In case we do miss your call, we guarantee a return phone within one business day – so you’re never alone! Let our experts help you so you can focus on other things in life!


Claims Support & Appeal Writing

Don’t make the mistake of paying a bill that you don’t understand. Give us a call or send us a copy and we’ll make sure you’re not paying for something that you are not responsible for. We’re also here to help write appeals if we determine an insurance company has unfairly denied a claim. While we can’t always guarantee an appeal will be successful,we’ll put you in the best possible position to be successful.

Deadline reminders

You don’t have to worry about missing a deadline or facing a financial penalties! With our reminders about upcoming enrollment periods, you’ll always be aware of important dates.

Patient Financial Assistance Programs & Discount Cards

Sometimes, even with the most robust Part D prescription drug plan, some medications are not covered. Other times, drugs that are covered by a plan may be costly and push you into the drug Donut Hole. My Medicare Partners works to find drug discount programs patient financial assistance programs that can help lower your costs and save you money on the most expensive medications. We also research financial assistance programs for people living with chronic and critical illnesses to help cover associated costs of treatment such as housing and travel. When you become a My Medicare Partners Member, we’ll even provide you with a drug discount card at no cost!

Medicare Advocacy & Political Updates

The world of politics is ever changing — and sometimes these changes can affect your Medicare, Social Security, and other things seniors care about. My Medicare Partners closely follows federal and state legislation that may impact you — positively and negatively — to ensure you stay aware of proposed changes and have the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Member Newsletter

You’ll receive, in the mail, our exclusive Newsletter packed with tips for staying healthy and ways to save money through your Medicare plan. You’ll be in-the-know about the things that matter to you the most.


There’s a few things we won’t do for you:

  • We will never pressure you to enroll in a plan or recommend a plan based on our commissions.
  • We don’t use fancy insurance industry jargon to confuse you.
  • We will never abandon our member policyholders. We are here for you every step of your health care journey!

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