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Paul Stanley

Agent Bio: Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

Managing Partner & CEO

email: paul@mymedicarepartners.com
office: 1-844-305-6169


Wellington, Florida.

Your favorite part about helping seniors with Medicare?

Many seniors are cautious to reach out for help because they’re used to doing everything for themselves. They’re hard workers! I love that my Team is able to provide unbiased assistance to ease the stress of shopping around for a Medicare plan. We like to make the process easier for people.

One way you like to go “above and beyond” for your Members?

I love online marketing and I’m proud of the resources we provide electronically to the senior market. We make information easily accessible on our website for seniors who are preparing to enroll in Medicare plans.

Your hobby or a fun fact about you?

I grew up in Yorkshire, England but have lived in the United States most of my life. I was a champion swimmer when I was younger and have recently begun training again. I also love to travel in my RV, read, and garden. My wife works for an agency which combats homelessness so we also spend a lot of time giving back to charity!

Contact Information

Paul Stanley
email: paul@mymedicarepartners.com
direct: 1-844-305-6169

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