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Lisa Murano

Agent Bio: Lisa Murano

Lisa Murano

Lisa Murano

Licensed Medicare Agent & Program Director

email: lisa@mymedicarepartners.com
direct: 1-844-305-6169


Lake Worth, Florida.

Your favorite part about helping seniors with Medicare?

I’ve seen seniors struggle to get their medical bills paid, or even simply to understand their benefits. I like to translate the confusing insurance terminology into easy to understand words that make sense to them.

One way you like to go “above and beyond” for your Members?

I like to tell my Members that I’m the insurance expert, so they don’t have to become one! They know they can count on me any time, day or night, to help find doctors or to write appeals if a claim is denied.

Your hobby or a fun fact about you?

I’m a political-junkie and love participating in local politics. I also love to travel and spend time with family. My dog is my “baby” and pride and joy!

Contact Information

Lisa Murano
email: lisa@mymedicarepartners.com
direct: 1-844-305-6169

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