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Enrolling in a plan – What to expect

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There are many more insurance plans out there than you may realize, and it’s important we get the right information from you to provide you with a accurate plan comparison.

My Medicare Partners believes in educating our Members first and foremost before selling you a plan. Our goal is to ensure you’re confident in your Medicare decision. We walk each Member through a multi-step to ensure all your questions are answered and all concerns are addressed:

#1. Once you provide us with your contact information, we’ll give you a call. We want to get to know you and to review the basics of MedicareOur licensed agents will always identify themselves as your Medicare Agent from My Medicare Partners. To ensure your information is protected, be sure to ask anyone else contacting you about Medicare if they are with My Medicare Partners.
(If you’re getting contacted by other agents, read our article, “Revealed: The 6 Secrets Insurance Agents Don’t Want You to Know” for tips on finding an agent worthy of your business)

#2. Then, we’ll move on to discussing your specific medical needs. You and your personal Medicare Agent will review quotes from dozens of the top-rated insurance carriers. We’ll also provide you with your first Annual Rx Checkup, during which we will ensure you have the lowest out of pocket costs on your medications. Since we’ll be reviewing health and drug plans, please have handy a list of doctors or facilities you use. Also gather all of your prescription bottles.
(Most other agents won’t review your drug plan options because of low commissions. But My Medicare Partners believes that medication expenses can have a huge impact on seniors and we will never refuse to help you enroll in a Part D drug plan!)

#3. We will then thoroughly review the supplemental and prescription drug plans available to you. Don’t worry – we promise to take our time and answer questions you have. Once a plan is selected, we will complete the enrollment application for you. We will submit your application to the insurance company, track it through its approval, and ensure your Welcome Packet is received in a timely manner. In the meantime, you just sit back and relax!

Remember, you Medicare Agent’s help does not stop there! We are always here to assist you with claims, file appeals, and much more. Read more about our Concierge Member Services and what we will – and won’t – do for you. 

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