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Curt Graham

Agent Bio: Curt Graham

Curt Graham

Curt Graham

Managing Partner & Licensed Medicare Agent

email: curt@mymedicarepartners.com
office: 1-844-305-6169 ext. 11
direct: 561-228-1448

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Wellington, Florida.

Your favorite part about helping seniors with Medicare?

Through my years of experience working with seniors from all walks of life, I have learned that living on a restricted income can sometimes overshadowing getting the proper health care a person needs. I like to help seniors find a balance between their budget and their health needs by finding hidden ways to save money on health care costs.

One way you like to go “above and beyond” for your Members?

I love to keep in touch with my Members year-round to make sure they are doing well. I also review any changes in their health care needs and help them adjust their Medicare plan accordingly, if necessary. If I cannot leave someone in a better place than how I met them… I won’t change a thing! My goal is to be a helpful resource.

Your hobby or a fun fact about you?

I’ve competed in jiu jitsu for many years. I love spending time with my big family and son. Most of my family is in the insurance industry, so I have been taught the importance of being a trustworthy Agent from a young age!

Contact Information

Curt Graham
email: curt@mymedicarepartners.com
office: 1-844-305-6169 ext. 11
direct: 561-228-1448

conference link: Click Here for Curt’s Conference Line

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