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Carter Graham

Agent Bio: Carter Graham

Carter Graham

Carter Graham

Managing Partner

email: carter@mymedicarepartners.com
office: 1-844-305-6169


Wellington, Florida.

Your favorite part about helping seniors with Medicare?

I grew up with family members in the insurance industry so I was exposed to the benefits of insurance from a young age. When we launched My Medicare Partners, we promised to be even better than the “good” agents out there by providing accurate information without pressure. I love to see the sense of relief a senior feels when they find the right plan, thanks to their great agent!

One way you like to go “above and beyond” for your Members?

I love to think of the unexpected, to think of the things people might forget to consider, when looking for an insurance plan. My experience has shown me to always plan ahead and I pass that knowledge onto my Members!

Your hobby or a fun fact about you?

I love to go boating and fishing with my wife and two sons. I also love to travel to new places. Some of my favorite places I have been are Costa Rica (great fishing!), Yellowstone National Park (amazing wildlife!), and the Florida Keys (the best fishing!).

Contact Information

Carter Graham
email: carter@mymedicarepartners.com
direct: 1-844-305-6169

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