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Belinda Green

Agent Bio: Belinda Green

Belinda Green

Belinda Green

Licensed Medicare Agent

email: belinda@mymedicarepartners.com
office: 1-844-305-6169 ext. 12


Greenville, Mississippi

Your favorite part about helping seniors with Medicare?

I’ve been in the insurance and finance industry for 14 years and it is my passion to help seniors obtain security and peace of mind in the Medicare market. I love to be a resource to my Members, answering any questions they have before and after selecting a plan.

One way you like to go “above and beyond” for your Members?

I enjoy going that extra step and doing research to help my Members find the resources that they need, even if it’s outside of the scope of Medicare. Growing up in Mississippi, I enjoyed the Southern lifestyle where everyone always spoke to each other and were so helpful. I like to bring that Southern flair into the Medicare services I provide.

Your hobby or a fun fact about you?

I moved to Florida right after college and love the beaches and being outdoors in West Palm Beach. I also love writing, fitness, and science fiction.

Contact Information

Belinda Green
email: Belinda@mymedicarepartners.com
office: 1-844-305-6169 ext. 12

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